Pool Cleaning Service in Chandler, Arizona

Are you too busy to clean and maintain your pool? Tired of spending all Saturday working on your pool and not being able to swim whenever you want? Allow our pool cleaning service to help you with the tedious labor needed to keep your pool clean! Let us take care of all your pool cleaning needs!

Our weekly pool cleaning service includes...

  1. A weekly on-site chemical evaluation.
  2. Your chemical readings tracked and recorded.
  3. Addition and adjustment of chemicals.
  4. Emptying skimmer ad pump baskets.
  5. Brushing walls, steps, and seats.
  6. Netting and removing debris from pool.
  7. Vacuum pool as necessary.
  8. Backwash filter as necessary.
  9. Clean salt cells as necessary.
  10. Service note posted letting you know if it's safe to swim.

Pricing (Includes chemicals)

Play Pool  .............. Starting at $85.00/mo
Diving Pool ........... $95.00/mo and up

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